Magnetic Accident Site Diagram

An aerial view of an accident scene can help tell the story.  Magnetic vehicles  can be used by witnesses to recreate the accident scenario on the aerial diagram.

Right Shoulder     X-Ray

Medical testimony in personal injury and medical malpractice cases can be confusing.  Custom designed X-ray and MRI exhibits assist the jury in understanding technical expert testimony.

Calendar Chronology of Events

Chronology of Events in a calendar format can assist the jury in making sense out of voluminous medical documents of treatments and doctor visits.  Color coding the date of accident, different medical providers and other events is an effective method to present medical treatments.  By using this calendar format, large gaps in treatment can easily be recognized along with consistent medical treatment patterns.

Document Excerpts

This document exhibit has excerpts extracted out and highlighted from a multiple page document.  Taking excerpts from lengthy documents and displaying these to the jury will them focus on the important information.


Some cases requires the jury to understand what led up to a final event. A timeline is a great visual aid that the jury can track  events that may span over several years in a chronological order.

3-D Models

A specially created model of a building depicting a fire investigation can be used during expert testimony.  Photographs from the fire investigation can be displayed with the model to help the jury to understand the accident reconstruction.

Plan View Diagram

A building floor plan can simplify testimony  from witnesses  to explain a chain of events.  Magnetic icons can be used on the diagram to create a visual story of important events.

Video Frame Capture

A chronology of time stamped video stills can create a dramatic exhibit depicting a series of events.  An active robbery can be illustrated by this step by step display of time stamped sequences.